Den pågående barbarinvasionen av Europa!


Videon ovan utspelar sig i södra Spanien där ett fyrtiotal invaderande barbarer (samtliga män i stridbar ålder) landsteg efter en kort båtresa från Marocko över Gibraltarsund, varefter de snabbt försvann inåt landet. Det hela är f.ö. filmat från ett av den spanska kustbevakningens egna fartyg. De spanska kustbevakarna, dessa hjältar, utförde som vi ser ett magnifikt arbete i att försvara den egna kusten från en barbarattack på hemlandet!


Broder Nathanaels intressanta inlägg

Här kan vi läsa Broder Nathanaels senaste inlägg, How Jews Rule, exklusivt postat på hans hemsida Real Jew News:

How Jews Rule


JEWISH CONTROL starts with the self-awareness of the Jew as superior to the Goy.

Jews have a way of expressing this amongst each other by mocking one of their own who says something stupid as “having a goyisha kup.”

When dealing with the goyisha world around them, (approximately 99.8% of the world population), Jews instinctively bear within their psyche a “Jew vs Gentile” disposition.

And why this distinctiveness that Jews carry within themselves?

It’s because Jews see themselves primarily as a race of which Judaism is attached historically, yet secondarily.

And as a race Jews are bent on ruling over the human species of every stripe and color, whether informed by their Old Testament religion (now invalid due to the extirpation of the temple and priesthood); or by upbringing; or instinctively as a defense mechanism.

Jews are cowards prefering to hide behind Gentile window dressing as observed in their shills at the Department of State—Mike Pompeo–or National Security Advisor—John Bolton.

Like sneaks, they hide their fancy of superiority and their segregating bent of being Jews first, Americans second; Jews apart, Gentiles down the street.


THE JEWS RULE by subterfuge. They must in order to duck the crossfire.
They say they are victims yet by their own criminality victimize thousands of Goys daily.

They pretend to have little influence over political affairs, yet by their countless organizations manipulate hacks on DC and pen legislative drafts pushing a Jewish agenda:

Criminalizing free speech that’s critical of Israel’s apartheid policies; Advancing same-sex unions (to undermine Christian morality); Constructing the framework of US foreign policy to sustain Jewish interests abroad.

Jews also rule by sleight of hand. Every ruse is used by Satan’s brood to make the Goyim feel like lowlife crudes.

Jews arraign the Goys for being racist, yet Israel is based on racial exclusiveness.

Jews accuse the Goys for being anti-Semites for censuring Jewish over-reach, yet Jews stick their noses in every far off place in matters that don’t belong to them.

Whenever Jews—like ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt and Chuckie Schumer—can’t defend the evils of their own they resort to that same old screech, ‘Antisemitism!’


ONLY JEWS CAN DEFINE ‘anti-Semitism’ with its ever-broadening meaning tailored to fit every occasion of outrage against Jewish malfeasance.

The Jewish definition of this ‘disease’ is: “An irrational and inborn hatred of Jews just for being Jews, a virulent disease of the Western mind.”

Israel and its lobbying agents crawling like vermin on Capitol Hill are pushing a new definition of ‘anti-Semitism,’ and Jewish lobby groups like the ADL are licking it up.

It’s the same old brand with a JEWey twist in a Jew-sponsored Bill—The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2018—lobbied by the anti-Palestinian, anti-free speech hateful JEW, Kenneth Marcus—which, by employing an overly-broad political definition of anti-Semitism, implicates criticism of the JEWish State as a crime.

(Marcus was just confirmed as Trump’s Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in the Education Department, a post known more for policing racial bias and sexual violence in schools than refereeing the battles over Israel and Palestinian rights on the nation’s college campuses.)

His trophy Bill aims at criminalizing ‘anti-Semitism’ on campuses misappropriating a State Department guidance for foreign policy for use in domestic civil rights law.

By killing academic discourse, the Bill is designed to shield Israel from censure of its crimes, that if done by other nations, would have the whole world down on their necks.

But the necks of Jews are a precious thing while they strangle the moral life of nations.

Faran med mobiltelefoner

Mobil telefon

Som vi kan se i bilden ovan så är numera nästan alla slavar till sina mobiltelefoner. Att man dessutom får hjärnan söndergrillad av telefoner och Wifi gör inte direkt saken bättre. Västvärldens invånare (framför allt alla under 35) är nu till stor del totalt zombiefierade — bortom all hjälp! De har inte längre någon fri vilja utan lyder istället statens (EU:s, då Sverige är inte längre en fri suverän nation) direktiv utan ifrågasättande. Statens sataniska propaganda har man accepterat som sitt evangelium. Man har förlorat förmågan till självständigt kritiskt tänkande och är oförmögna att bryta sig ut ur grupptänkandet.

Sanningen om den s.k. kemvapenattacken i Syrien

Alla insatta i situationen i det krigshärjade Syrien är väl medvetna om att den s.k. kemvapenattacken häromveckan där är en bluff iscensatt av den s.k. Washingtonregimen för att än mer destabilisera landet. Man hoppas vidare att nu kunna bomba på för fulla muggar i Syrien igen, för att det är så otroligt skönt att få döda oskyldiga kvinnor, barn och gamla. Man hoppas dock mest på att en gång för alla kunna driva ut Ryssarna ur hela Mellanöstern. Ja det är vad det hela handlar om. Den s.k. kemvapenattacken är mao. ett PR-vapen mot den noble och djupt fromme Vladimir Putin och hans Ryssland, men lögnerna går som väl är blott hem i det av satan och hans folk kontrollerade västvärlden, dvs. denna stinkande avkrok av Guds Jord där vi har den mindre angenäma lyckan att befinna oss. I övriga världen vet man om vad som pågår, därför har endast ryska diplomater kallats hem från länder tillhörande EU och USA samt från en del forna brittiska kolonier. Resten av världen vet mao. sanningen. Läs nu Paul Craig Roberts senaste artikel om den s.k. kemvapenattacken :

Idiocy Is Bringing The End Of The World

Paul Craig Roberts

If you were the president of France or the prime minister of the UK, would you permit criminally insane Washington to drag you into military conflict with Russia?

I didn’t think so. I wouldn’t either. So what’s with Macron and May? What’s with the French and British governments? What’s with the French and British media? I read recently that former UK Labour prime minister Tony Blair is now worth $100 million, his payoff for lying to the UK government and people in order to support the George W. Bush regime’s invasion of Iraq. Have Macron and May been promised the same?

It makes no sense for the UK and French governments to make themselves targets of a military power against which they have no possibility of defense. It makes no sense that their peoples and media sit silently while one French president and one British prime minister endanger not only France and the UK but the entirety of Europe. What’s with the European Union? There is only silence as Europe, and the world with it, are taken to the brink of annihiliation. This makes no sense.

People in Ghouta, doctors in Ghouta, and Russian experts who have arrived on the scene report that there is no sign of any chemical attack. Not only did Syria not use chemical weapons against the civilians that it liberated, there was no chemical attack, not even a false flag one staged by the US supported mercenaries who have been driven out of Ghouta by the Syrian Army. In other words, the chemical attack is entirely a hoax.

To keep the hoax from being confirmed by independent investigation, Washington vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to send in neutral experts to evaluate the claim of chemical attack. Why would Washington prevent an investigation that would prove Washington’s allegation? Clearly, Washington would only prevent an investigation that would disprove the false allegation. There is no doubt whatsoever that Washington’s allegation is false and is being used as an excuse to force Russia to fight or to accept Washington’s hegemony in the Middle East.

What if there was a chemical attack? Why does it matter to people who are killed whether it was by bullets, bombs, missiles, or chemicals? Why is it so bad to use chemicals instead of Hellfire missiles? Why is it OK for Washington and Israel to blow up schools, hospitals, weddings, funerals, market places, and homes full of women and children with missiles, but not OK to kill people with chemicals? Why is it worth starting World War 3 over a hoax chemical weapons attack or a real one?

Americans, for the most part a clueless people, have no awareness of the risk that the criminally insane government in Washington is taking with their lives. What if the Russians mean what they say and do not again turn the other cheek and back down? What happens if Russia replies to force with force?
Why is it that only a few Internet sites are asking this question.

Uppdatering 14 april

PCR skriver i en ny artikel :

Is the Russian government too humane to comprehend the evil that Russia confronts?

If Russia and China do not take steps to defeat the US before Washington forces nuclear war on the world, we are all doomed.

The American people are denied information, are uninformed, and helpless. The same is true for Europe and Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan.
Even if the peoples knew, they are impotent.

Putin often relies on non-existent or impotent common sense in the West, but does Russia have enough common sense to realize that there is no common sense in the West that can be effective?

The Russian government does not understand that the “rule of law” constructed by Washington is not a rule of law. It is a rule of Washington’s rule. Washington owns Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, the Atlanticist Integrationists inside Russia, and the UN. This is why Russia’s appeal to the UN is pointless, as Russia just again learned.

To restate the point once again, the passivity of the Putin government in the face of Washington’s aggressiveness is leading directly to nuclear war and the end of life on earth.

Kommer Ryssland att vakna upp?

Artikeln nedan skrevs av Paul Craig Roberts igår (14 mars) och förklarar ingående det ytterst prekära läge vi nu samtliga befinna oss i. Det s.k. Väst attackerar nu fullt ut Ryssland och dess noble ledare Vladimir Putin. Vi befinner oss nu så nära en krigssituation som det är möjligt att vara. Det enda som tycks hindra öppet krig med Ryssland (ett krig Väst inte kan vinna) är Putin, denne djupt fromme kristne man, vars tålamod med västvärldens demoner är häpnadsväckande. Men ingens tålamod varar för evigt, speciellt inte när man vet om att man har fiender som ämnar att förgöra ens hemland, förinta Kristus kyrka och utrota ens folk! Fiender som aldrig vill försonas med en — vad man än erbjuder dem i vänskap! Fiender som hatar en och allt man håller kärt — det totala hatet, det gränslösa hatet, ett oförsonligt hat!!!

Will Russia Wake Up?

Paul Craig Roberts

Russians are having a difficult time comprehending their Western enemy or even understanding that Russia has an enemy that seeks the destruction of Russia.

Has it occured to Russia that it is very strange that the UK, a country of no military significance, a country that could be completely destroyed forever in a few minutes by Russia, would concoct false charges against the Russian government, announce these charges publicly without providing any evidence whatsoever, bring the unsupported charges to the UN, issue an ultimatum to Russia, dispel Russian diplomats and seize Russian assets on the basis of mere allegations, all the while refusing any evidence and any cooperation with Russia, as required by law, in the investigation of the charges?

Russians, both government, media and youth brainwashed by American propaganda and the Washington-funded NGOS that the Russian government permits to operate against itself in Russia, seem to think that the many accusations and threats issued against Russia are some kind of mistake that can be rectified by recourse to evidence and law. Apparently, after all these years the Russians still do not understand that Washington and its vassals have no interest whatsoever in facts or law.

At the UN the Russian ambassador, in response to the evidence-free accusation by the UK prime minister that the Russian government had used a military-grade nerve agent to attempt to kill two people on an English park bench, went through all the legal reasons, including the requirement of collaboration with Russia in examining the evidence, to establish that the UK accusation was in violation of law and unsupported by any evidence.

Why do the Russians think the British government cares a hoot about law or evidence? Are the Russians really this brainwashed about the West?

The British government of Tony Blair cooperated with the George W. Bush regime in propagating the lie that Saddam Hussein in Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction.” This lie was used to invade and to destroy Iraq and to leave the country 15 years later in chaos.

The British goverment also supported the lies about Gaddafi in Libya and participated in overthrowing the Libyan government. The British government also supported the lie that Iran had a nuclear weapons program. There was never any evidence, but evidence was of no interest. An agenda was in motion, and the agenda was independent of evidence.

Although the British Parliament voted down British participation in Obama’s planned invasion of Syria, the current British government supports the lie that Assad is using chemical weapons “against his own people.”

By now one would think that Russians, both government, media, and public, would understand that all the West is capable of is to lie. The purpose of the lies is to demonize Russia and to set up Russia for military attack.

But somehow Russians can’t get the message. Russians think it is all some kind of mistake that facts and legal processes and diplomacy can clear up. “Please just listen to us, we can clear up all the misconceptions!” As if the West cares. Washington wants “the misconceptions.” That is why Washington creates them.

The inability of Russians to understand the West, which Russia stupidly wants to join, is the reason that World War 3 is near at hand.
What if, instead of reciting the legal process and the law governing it that the UK PM refused to follow before publicly accusing Russia without the presentation of any evidence, the Russian UN Ambassador had simply said: “If the UK exists tomorrow, it will be due entirely to the forbearance of the Russian government.”

By relying on law, about which no Western country gives a hoot, the Russian UN ambassador permitted Washington’s French puppet and other of Washington’s European puppet states to say that they supported the British charges against Russia despite the absence of evidence. Perhaps the Russians noticed that none of those European governments required any evidence that Russia was responsible. All that was required was the accusation.

In the exceptional, indispensable Western World ruled by Washington, accusation alone is proof of Russian mendacity. When British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn asked PM May if she actually had any real evidence that Russia had tried to kill the former British double-agent, Corbyn was shouted down not only by the corrupt Conservatives but also by members of the Labour Party that he heads. How much more evidence does Russia need that facts are not important to the West?

Will Russia wake up? Or will its demented desire to be part of the West leave Russians unprepared for Washington’s nuclear strike, which is coming.

What if the Russian government simply told Washington: “If you or your terrorist mercenaries attack Syrian forces, we will eliminate your presence in the Middle East and Israel as well.” This is something that Russia can do at the drop of a hat.

What would the British and Washington do, other than wet their pants? Clearly, they would get the message and decide that peace is a better idea.

The Russian government simply does not understand that Washington regards Russian appeals to diplomacy, law, facts, evidence, as signs of extreme weakness and lack of confidence. Washington and its puppet states do not need any facts. They have an agenda. By calling for facts, the Russians show their weakness.

The Russian display of weakness encourages Washington’s aggression. Does Russia’s desire to be a part of the West exceed its desire for national survival?

Tim Rifat gästar Jeff Rense

Uppdatering den 29:e mars 2018 : videorna nedan är väck och jewtubekontot stängt! Så går det numera för alla som satan och hans folk vill tysta!




Här har vi nu den senaste radioträffen där Tim Rifat via telefon hälsar på hemma hos Jeff Rense — hans, vad jag förstår, första besök där sedan i höstas. Det är för ovanlighetens skull hela två timmar långt (brukar annars handla om blott en timme) upplysande snack de båda kompisarna emellan.

Ta er tid, kära läsare, att lyssna igenom dessa två timmar snack, för ni får vid flera tillfällen höra saker och ting som får er att häpna — typ om vad konsekvenserna blir — för OSS ALLA! — om fårskallen Donald Trump (på order från sina judiska ägare) får för sig att attackera Nordkorea.

Svaret på den frågan kan avslöjas här och nu (för den som inte gitter att lyssna på videosarna ovan, dvs. alla NF) … slutet på allt liv på Jorden! Ja, det betyder även slutet på lilla dig, din familj samt allt liv i Sverige!!!

Vladimir Putins nyårstal 2018

Dear friends!

The New Year, 2018, is upon us. And while we celebrate this holiday every year, each time we regard it as something original, gentle and desirable; we believe that everything we wish for during these minutes will come true.

For us, New Year’s Eve is, first and foremost, a family holiday. We celebrate it just like we did during our childhood: with presents and surprises, with special warmth, with expectations of important changes. And they will come into our lives if each and every one of us will remember our parents and care for them, treasure every minute spent together with them; if we will learn to better understand our children, their dreams and aspirations; if we support those close to us, those in need of our involvement and heartfelt generosity.

The ability to help, to be thoughtful and to do good, fills life with a true, human purpose. Wherever we are – at a table with our family, in a company of revelers or partying out in the streets – we’re all united in our merry New Year mood, and modern technology allows us to share our feelings with those dear to us, who may be hundreds or thousands of kilometers away.

And, as always, allow me to offer special congratulations to all the people who are currently at work – people fulfilling their professional or military duty, work their shift at hospitals, steer trains and aircraft. We’re all together in this New Year’s night, and we’re all together in our daily pursuits as well.

Our solidarity, friendship and unconditional love of Russia multiply our strength, giving us power to perform worthy deeds and great achievements.

I would like to offer heartfelt congratulations to all of you for your faith in yourselves and in our country, for your labor and its fruits. May trust and mutual understanding always accompany us.

Dear friends!

The year 2018 is mere seconds away. It is time to say the most precious words to each other, to forgive mistakes and grudges, to embrace, to confess one’s love, to offer warmth, care and attention. May every person and every family experience a change for the better during the new year, and may newborn children bring joy to us.

I sincerely wish you all success and well-being. Peace and prosperity to our great Russia, beloved and unique.

Be happy! Happy New 2018!