Paul Craig Roberts : Swedish Women Experience Mass Rape By Immigrant Invaders


Postar här Paul Craig Roberts senaste artikel. Han är inte nådig i sin kritik av Sveriges regering, som han kallar ”a collection of some of the most evil and stupid people on earth”, vilka han menar har förrått sitt, dvs. vårt, hemland. Han tar även upp det i Sverige och övriga Västeuropa tabubelagda ämnet rörande det extremhöga antalet våldtäkter som våra kvinnor — och skolflickor! — utsätts för av invandrare, eller för att använda Roberts benämning på dem, immigrant invaders! Runt 90 procent av alla våldtäkter i Sverige begås f.ö. av dem!

Läs själva artikeln, och kolla även upp länkarna (Roberts egna)  :

Swedish Women Experience Mass Rape by Immigrant Invaders

The mass rape of German Women in the aftermath of WW II is now the plight of Swedish women

Remember: the same Swedish authorities who do not want to hear rape charges against immigrant invaders made by white Swedish women are the authorities who launched accusations of rape against Julian Assange for consensual relations with two eager groupies.

The Chairman of Sweden’s automobile production Company, Volvo, says that immigrant crime imported into Sweden by the Swedish government is so high that Volvo might have to move out of Sweden in order to conduct its business.

His factual acknowledgement of the crime that the treasonous Swedish government, a collection of some of the most evil and stupid people on earth, has committed against Sweden could lead to the indictment of the Swedish Chairman of Volvo as a “racist.”

This is not a far-fetched supposition. My column, which is read internationally, brings me emails from Swedish women who say that if they report their rape by dark-skinned “immigrants” unleashed on the Swedish population by a treasonous government, they risk being prosecuted, because a protest against an immigrant is regarded as a hate crime. Throughout the Western World, third world immigrants have power over the ethnic populations that “host” them. The entirety of the Western World is ceasing to exist as countries dissolve into preferential treatment for invaders.

Volvo Chairman says company might have to move out of Sweden as crime is so high.

Notice that political correctness has found its way into RT’s report, which does not mention that migrant invaders are the source of the exploding crime rate. RT has to comply with Washington’s orders or be banned from reporting in America.

Watch the 9 minute video here on the extreme lengths to which political correctness has been taken in Sweden:

Information on the migrant invader crime wave:

Swedes are so brainwashed by multiculturalism they are unable to come to grips with the problem:

Swedish police officer speaks the truth about migrant invader crime and is—you guessed it—investigated by the police.

Sweden Has Been Destroyed By Diversity and Political Correctness.

Och som vi alla vet så har PCR rätt i allt han går igenom ovan, inte minst vad gäller den svenska regeringen, vilken såklart består av avskum av absolut lägsta sort — oavsett vilken färg den för tillfället råkar ha.


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