Ett meddelande från en amerikansk soldat från Donetsk

Email From Russell Bentley To Jeff The Morning Of 3-3-22
Says World Thermonuclear War Can Easily Happen

Hello Bro,

Yes, this thing can very easily go off the rails. The propaganda and demonization is clearly in preparation for a bigger war. All people MUST remember – Russia didn’t start this war, and Russia isn’t ”invading” Ukraine.

This war was started in early 2014 with snipers hired, armed and directed by US agents working under the orders of Biden. And this war has been conducted by the US ever since. Russia is liberating Ukraine from foreign occupation and nazi oppression. Anyone who talks about a Russian ”invasion” can do so only in the context of the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6th, 1944. Russia is not going to ”take” Ukraine, it is spending its own blood and treasure to give Ukraine back to the Ukrainian people.

This is literally a war between GOOD and EVIL and Russia is NOT the evil one. But those who are trying to destroy Russia truly are. And either the rulers of the US and EU suffer from terminal stupidity, or they are going to destroy their own countries and populations on purpose. If NATO gets in a conventional shooting war with Russia, Russia will crush them like ants. The ONLY other option for these criminally insane bastards is the nuke option. Putin has already said, if the nukes start flying, ”We will go to heaven as martyrs, and you will not even have time to repent. You will just be dead.”

You will just be dead… If the people of the US and EU allow their masters to start a war with Russia, it will not end well for them. Understand, Russia did not start this war, and we have taken the most extreme measures to minimize the death and destruction associated with this liberation. If the rulers of the US and EU escalate this operation into a regional or global war, it may very well mean the end of life on Earth. Russia will not lose. You have been warned.

Good luck to all good people. May God protect the innocent and may the rest of us get everything we deserve.

Russell ‘Texas’ Bentley

Texten ovan skrevs idag den 3:e mars 2022 i Donetsk av en viss Russell Bentley, en amerikan bosatt i Donetsk sedan snart åtta år tillbaka, där han kämpat mot de ukrainska mördartrupperna sedan 2014.

Lägger in en länk här till det samtal som Jeff Rense hade med Russell häromdagen. Superintressant lyssning för dem som vill höra det senaste från fronten i Donbass.

Länken till Russell Bentleys samtal med Jeff


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