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Kriget i ukraina snart över. Rysslands seger kommer att bli fullständig och total! Demonorganisationen Nato får lära sig en läxa man sent kommer att glömma. Total förnedring för dem således!

Ja som vi kan läsa i rubriken ovan så ser framtiden allt annat än ljus ut för avskummen i mördarorganisationen Nato. Deras storstilade planer för ukraina är nu ouppnåeliga. Deras förnedring total! Hur det hela nu kommer att avslutas kan vi läsa i de olika experternas uttalanden nedan. Så läs och förstå hur korkad du varit som supportat ett land (ukraina) vars ledare arbetar för satan själv. Varför har du inte valt att ge den noble ryske presidenten Vladimir Putin ditt stöd? Han är ju en djupt from kristen man som vill alla väl och söker att vandra i Jesu fotspår som en sann apostel. Den som inte kan se Kristi ljus hos Putin utan istället föredrar djävulens hantlangare i Nato och Kiev är en ”människa” som inte älskar det goda, utan det onda! Den personens hjärta är fyllt av mörker, vilket får honom att tänka mörka tankar och älska det onda.

Och ja, tom. här hos oss i Sverige, där ”våra” politikeras — samtliga! — skamlöst stött mördarna från Nato och dess associerade avskum av mördardrägg. Vi har därför en riksdag idag som nästan uteslutande är fylld av mörkervarelser. Faktum!

För att nu återgå till ukraina : Ryssland under Putins ledning blir starkare för hvarje dag som går. Man inväntar nu frosten då marken blir så hård så att man kan rulla in över skräplandet ukraina med de tunga militärfordonen utan risk för att köra fast. Nya trupper på bortåt 300 tusen man kommer då att ta itu med resterna den utarmade och krigströtta ukrainska armen, som redan vet om att kriget är förlorat och nu bara inväntar det oundvikliga slutet, som snart är ett faktum. Snart så kommer således Vladimir Putin att hyllas som en hjälte världen över (Nyhetsflash: Putin är beundrad och älskad överallt där västvärldens skitmedia inte får fritt spelrum med sin ondskefulla propaganda!) som mannen som besegrade det hatade Nato och återförenade ukraina med Ryssland…

Läs nu ett par meningar från experter på området om vad som nu kommer att ske :

“Ukraine’s unquestioned strategic center of gravity is its western corridors to the Polish border where the vast majority of its war support enters the country. Their operational center of gravity is their resupply lines emanating eastwards from Kyiv to Ukraine’s various frontline positions. Without those two corridors, it would be nearly impossible for Kyiv to sustain wartime operations for more than a few weeks. Putin, therefore, may calculate the best use of those 218,000 additional troops will be to launch a three-pronged axis to cut both of those supply routes.” Lt. Colonel Daniel L. Davis, Senior Fellow for Defense Priorities and Contributing Editor at 1945

“I want to emphasize again that all tasks of the special military operation… will be unconditionally fulfilled.” Russian President Vladimir Putin . (Ja som vi hör så ämnar Putin alltjämt att fullständigt ta kontroll över landet, och göra sig av med det lilla svinet Jewlensky och alla banditerna i svinets regim, något som alltså då även kommer att ske.)

Another day of large-scale missile attacks on Ukraine’s hobbled energy infrastructure has plunged much of the country into darkness. The relentless attacks—which continued through the night and into the early morning hours—have intensified dramatically as Russian combat troops continue to join their units along the perimeter in preparation for a major winter offensive. Russian President Vladimir Putin has waited patiently for the Zelensky regime to grasp the gravity of their situation and press for bilateral negotiations. But the Ukrainian president has stubbornly rejected diplomacy at every turn opting instead to fight til the bitter end. He is fully supported in that decision by his backers in Washington who see the conflict as an opportunity to weaken Russia so it cannot obstruct US plans to “pivot” to Asia. The transformation of Ukraine into a frigid, uninhabitable wastelands is largely the result of Washington’s voracious geopolitical ambitions. This is from a post at the website Moon of Alabama.

Previous attacks had limited the distribution capacity to some 50% of demand. Controlled blackouts over several hours per day allowed to give some electricity for a few hours to most parts of the country. The attack today created a much larger problem. Not only were distribution networks attacked but also so the elements that connect Ukraine’s electricity production facilities to the distribution network. All four nuclear power stations of Ukraine with their 15 reactors are now in shutdown mode. Kiev along with most other cities of Ukraine no longer has electricity.” Ukraine – Lights Out, No Water And Soon No Heat”, Moon of Alabama.

The fact is, the Russians have identified the main substations, terminals and auto-transformers across Ukraine and are picking them off one-by-one. Unable to defend itself against the daily barrage of precision-guided missiles, Ukraine is gradually being bombed into the Stone Age.

The objective of the Russian operation is to undermine Ukraine’s ability to wage war. The attacks on Ukraine’s power-grid, railway hubs, fuel deports, bridges and command-and-control centers are merely Phase 1 of a 2-phase operation that is designed to defeat the enemy and bring the war to swift end. Russia has gathered roughly 500,000 troops in a combat Strike-Force that will traverse the country along three main axes annihilating Ukrainian Forces wherever they are encountered and seizing key cities along the way. Critical supply-lines from Poland will be blocked, leaving troops at the front cut-off and vulnerable to attack. Eventually, the regime and their Right-bloc security forces will be killed or captured. Moscow will not allow a government that is openly hostile towards Russia to rule the country. This is from an interview with Colonel Douglas MacGregor:

There are now 540,000 Russian troops stationed around the outskirts of Ukraine preparing to launch a major offensive that I think will probably end the war in Ukraine. 540,000 Russian troops, 1,000 rocket artillery systems, 5000 armored fighting vehicles including at least 1,5000 tanks, hundreds and hundreds of tactical ballistic missiles. Ukraine is now going to experience war on a scale we haven’t seen since 1945.” Colonel Douglas MacGregor, Rumble

MacGregor again—Everything has now changed… the large probability of offensives beginning in the next few weeks, whenever the ground freezes completely and the Russians judge their forces to be ready. and they will move in and they will finish off this Ukrainian state, let’s not kid ourselves, The regime in Kiev is likely to be annihilated along with the remainder of its armed forces….

The biggest mistake we in the west could make is to involve ourselves. We’ve done enough damage….and I think what we are going to see…. is the total destruction of this rump Ukrainian state. Now, what happens afterwards, I don’t know. I’m quite confident that Russians do not want to remain in western Ukraine …Russia is now treating Ukraine as a real enemy. Previously they were not. and this is not understood in the west.” “Ukraine is about to be annihilated”, Colonel Douglas MacGregor, youtube

MacGregor—We’re in no position to go to war with Russia, and anything we would do on the ground would fail miserably and we’d be embarrassed. But obviously no one in Washington is listening…There’s no real understanding of how desperate the situation is in western Ukraine. So what we can look forward to along with this massive (Russian) offensive is the migration of millions of more Ukrainians into Europe because they have no place else to go….. The Ukrainians know what’s coming. There’s not much they do about it at this point, but instead of throwing them a lifeline, we’ve essentially told them to sink with the ship that they’re on.” 

Note—So, when the missile strikes end and the ground freezes, the Russian offensive will begin. But what is the plan? How will the Russians deploy their troops and what tactical objectives will they seek to achieve?

While no one can say with certainty how the offensive will evolve, two recent posts at the military website 1945 provide a compelling and detailed explanation of what might take place if Putin decides to deliver the knockout punch to the Ukrainian armed forces and the political leadership in Kiev. The articles were written by 1945 “Contributing Editor, Daniel L. Davis who is a Senior Fellow for Defense Priorities and a former Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army who deployed into combat zones four times.” Here are a few excerpts from the two pieces:

If Putin orders an all-out attack, it will most likely start with a massive air, missile and drone attack to complete the destruction of the Ukrainian electric grids, substations, fuel storage facilities, rail yards, diesel locomotives, and communication facilities. Intent will be to make it intensely difficult to support the UAF, complicate communications, make intra-country movement of troops much harder, diminish their capacity to logistically support troops in disparate fronts with food, water, medicine, ammunition, and spare parts.

By increasing the burden on Kyiv to take care of the civil population throughout the country, there will be yet fewer resources to allocate to supporting the war. If Kyiv prioritizes supplying the combat units, civilians could freeze to death or starve as a result, putting the government in a terrible no-win situation….

The key to understanding what Putin’s objectives may be is to assess what an additional 200,000 troops could reasonably accomplish in Ukraine: a three-pronged axis of advance designed to sever Ukraine’s life blood – the supply corridor from the Polish border through which all NATO supply and equipment enters Ukraine. (“Putin could launch an all-out attack on Ukraine but it could be his downfall” Daniel Davis, 1945)

Much of what Davis anticipates has already taken place, so we will move on to his more stunning scenarios. The post below was published just one day after the article above. Here’s what he says:

In this final edition, I will lay out what I contend is the most dangerous course of action Ukraine could face: a ground campaign to deprive Ukraine of its lifeblood from the West…. What I represent in this analysis…. represents the gravest danger to Ukraine ...

In this scenario, Putin recognizes that the number of troops he has for the task remains insufficient to capture large cities – and that he doesn’t need to capture major cities to succeed. Instead, what he may seek to do is identify and then take out the Ukrainian center of gravity. (which) military theorist Carl von Clausewitz. (defined as.. “the hub of all power and movement (of the enemy), on which everything depends.”

Meaning, in war, the overall objective should be to deprive the enemy of the one thing he must maintain to win the war..

In my assessment, Ukraine’s unquestioned strategic center of gravity is its western corridors to the Polish border where the vast majority of its war support enters the country. Their operational center of gravity is their resupply lines emanating eastwards from Kyiv to Ukraine’s various frontline positions. Without those two corridors, it would be nearly impossible for Kyiv to sustain wartime operations for more than a few weeks.

Putin, therefore, may calculate the best use of those 218,000 additional troops will be to launch a three-pronged axis to cut both of those supply routes: the priority effort in the west out of Belarus with the objective of Lviv, a supporting effort to the northeast in the Sumy direction, and supporting axis from the east to reinforce the current offensive in the Donbas.

A Russian attack out of southeast Belorussia with the objective of Lviv would represent the greatest strategic threat to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF). Virtually all of the UAF’s weapons, ammunition, and repair parts enter the country from Poland through several land routes towards Kyiv. If Russia were to cut these routes off by attacking along the Polish/Ukraine border down to Lviv, Russia could cut off the majority of the shipments of war material from the West, without which Kyiv would not long be able to sustain its forces at the frontlines in the eastern part of Ukraine. …

If Russia employs a three-axes advance with its newly mobilized combat forces, added to the roughly 200,000 troops already engaged – and critically, avoids trying to invest cities – they will have a chance to focus their combat power where Ukraine is weakest, and in ways that are mutually reinforcing to other axes. This course of action would represent great risk for Zelensky’s troops, but it isn’t without significant risk for the Russians either. … (“Putin Could Launch a Big Winter Offensive in Ukraine to Cut Off Weapons“, Daniel Davis, 1945)

There is, of course, no way of knowing whether the war will actually play out in-line with Davis’s scenario. It does seem likely, however, that Russian strategists have already figured out that the war cannot be won without cutting off vital supply-lines to Poland. That is the main artery that sustains the conflict and allows Zelensky to avoid negotiations. For Putin, attempting such a move would be a risky gambit that could precipitate his political downfall, but if he fails to seize the opportunity to force Kiev to the bargaining table, the war could drag on forever. There are no easy choices but—in this case—it appears the benefits clearly outweigh the risks.

Underbara nyheter ovan således. Död åt Nato, denna demoniska mördarorganisation! Så att världen kan börja leva igen!

Sanningen om ”kriget” i Ukraina och vad som kommer att ske härnäst.

Brother Nathanaels senaste artikel:

US Ukraine Failure w/Ex Green Beret!
Interview With Joe Cortina

November 27 2022
JOE CORTINA IS AN EX GREEN BERET, a former airborne special forces officer, and US Army Training Center commander.

CORTINA’S duties as an intelligence investigator and anti-terrorist adviser brought him to such hotbeds of turmoil as the State of Israel, adjacent Middle East nations, and Central America.

COMBINING active duty with added roles in military intelligence, Joe Cortina speaks authoritatively to those who long for a termination of America’s endless wars abroad.

Brother Nathanael: General Milley says Ukraine is beating Russia. Is he right?

Joe Cortina: Milley is a puppet of the Jews. He covers his fat ass every time he speaks.

Milley is a moral coward whose career comes before any objective military assessment based on facts.

I almost vomited when I heard his screed cheerleading for Jewlensky.

And no!

Ukraine is not winning. They’re losing!

Their army is depleted, made up now of mostly Poles, and some western mercenaries.

BN: The Pentagon just sent more weapons to Zelensky. Will this help?

Joe Cortina: No.

First of all, the Pentagon, like every institution in America, is run by Jews. Kikes fund it from their private bank the FED.

Jews, who have infiltrated the State Department, call the shots. Lloyd Austin, is a diversity hire and will do and say whatever his Jewish masters tell him.


The latest weapons package sent to Zelensky are mostly machine guns.

Russia’s military uses the ZALA Lancet drone which flies too low and too fast for machine guns to bring them down.

They’ll end up on the black market like most of our weapons sent to Zelensky and his scum regime, mostly Jews. Igor Kolomoisky, a Jew oligarch who fled Ukraine, is Zelensky’s candy man and enabler.

BN: What about the highly touted air defense systems the US is sending to Ukraine?

Joe Cortina: These are Avenger and Stinger air defense systems known as NASAMS.

They aren’t doing diddly shit against Russia’s strikes on Ukraine’s power and transportation grid.

BN: But the main stream media and Pentagon says they’re having a 100% success rate?

Joe Cortina: That proves I’m right.

No air defense system, NONE, have 100% success rate.

BN: Was the reported ‘Russian missile’ that struck a Polish farm a false flag by Ukraine?

Joe Cortina: Absolutely.

Wasn’t a misfire either as the Jew-run media is now saying. It was a deliberate attack by Ukraine.

BN: How so?

Joe Cortina: I traced the trajectory.

The so-called ‘misfire’ to take down the ‘Russian missile’ fired northwest into the border of Poland and struck that farmland.

Yet all Russian missiles are coming from Ukraine’s south and east. The strike was way beyond the range of Russia’s missiles.

To intercept any Russian missile Ukraine would have to fire to the south and east, NOT northwest, unless the operator was stoned on cocaine like Jewlensky.

It was an act of desperation on Jewlensky’s part. He’s losing badly and tried to spark a Nato Article 5 conflagration that would drag Jewmerica in.

I’m sure the wicked kike Victoria Nuland would lick her chubby chops to get our Christian boys into a nuclear war.

BN: Will this war drag on for another year?

Joe Cortina: I don’t see it.

Russia’s special military operation is entering a brand new phase. Putin brought in a proven military man, General Surovikin, known as “General Armageddon.”

No sooner did he take command that relentless missile strikes on Ukraine’s power grid started up.

It’s actually a humane act.

BN: Really?

Joe Cortina: Sure is.

It will motivate Ukraine civilians to flee before the huge Russian offensive starts once the ground freezes.

With Ukraine’s reduced troops, artillery, and diesel fuel, with no air support, it’s doomsday for Jew-run Ukraine.

Yet it’s likely that ‘General Armageddon’ will bring Ukraine to its knees before the year is out without a single soldier having to die if his strikes on Ukraine’s infrastructure persist.

BN: How will America face this failure?

Joe Cortina: By continuing to allow Jews to run our country into the ground.

I’m being sarcastic.

Only an act of God—not Trump, not Desantis, not Cruz—can save this country.

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