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Sanningen om protokollen!

Artikeln nedan är hämtad från Broder Nathanaels eminenta hemsida och berättar sanningen om Sion vises protokoll, vilka inte är förfalskningar utan genuina, skrivna av satan själv.



EMERGING FROM DEEP SECRECY, portions of the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion were brought to light in the late 19th Century in France.

It is a fascinating story, presented here in a unique, unprecedented and thoroughly documented fashion. Months of intense research has gone into this work.

In 1884, a Mademoiselle Justine Glinka, the daughter of a Russian general, was engaged in Paris in gathering political information for the court of Tzar Alexander III.

Glinka employed a Jewish agent named Joseph Schoerst, alias Shapiro, who had passed himself off as a Freemason and a member of the Mizraim Lodge, a Jewish Masonic order with its own particular rites and protocols. None other than Solomon Rothschild, scion of the Jewish banking dynasty, was a prominent member of the French Freemasons.

Schoerst offered to Glinka for the sum of 2,500 francs, a document which he said would interest her greatly. This document contained extraordinary dictated writings from assorted speeches which would later be included in the final compilation of the Protocols of Zion.

Glinka quickly passed the document to her immediate superior in Paris, General Orgeyevski, who sent them, in turn, to General Cherevin, Minister of the Interior, for transmission directly to the Imperial Court in St Petersburg.

Upon Cherevin’s death in 1896, he willed a copy of his memoirs containing the Protocols to Tzar Nicholas II. (View Sources HereHere & Here.)

Glinka’s information eventually found its way into the hands of one Sergei Nilus, a highly educated Russian mystic attached to Tsar Nicholas II’s court who served as Minister of Foreign Religions.

In 1902, Nilus published, “The Rule of Satan on Earth – Notes of an Orthodox Believer,” in which he cites excerpts from this early aggregation of the material first purchased by Madame Glinka.

Next stop for the Protocols occurred in 1903 when a prominent publisher by the name of Pavel Krusheva quoted writings from the Protocols in his daily newspaper, Znamya. After its publication, Krusheva suffered an attempt on his life and from that moment on, he lived in constant fear and had to carry weapons for his own protection. He also took the step of being accompanied by a personal cook to prevent being poisoned.

In 1905, Sergei Nilus published a new edition of his “Rule of Satan” which included a complete version of the Protocols as the final chapter. This was the first time a full compilation of the Protocols had been made available to the general public in book form.

In 1917, (the same year of the final Russian Revolution), Nilus had prepared a final edition – fully documented – but before he could distribute it, Kerensky, a half-Jew, who had succeeded to power after the Revolution, had most of the copies destroyed. Anyone caught by the Bolsheviks in possession of The Protocols was shot on the spot.

In 1918, the Protocols appeared again in a Moscow periodical, The Sentinel, marked by the Jewish-led Bolsheviks as a counter-revolutionary newspaper. In February, 1919, the Bolsheviks ordered the newspaper shut down.

In 1924, Professor Nilus was arrested by the Jewish-dominated “Cheka,” imprisoned, and then tortured. He was told by the president of the court (who was Jewish) that this treatment was meted out to him for “having done them (the Zionist Bolshevik Jews) incalculable harm in publishing the Protocols.” (View Sources HereHereHereHereHere & Here.)



THE DOMINATING FIGURE of the growing Zionist movement of the late 1800s, was a Jew by the name of Asher Ginsberg, who adopted the pseudonym, “Achad Ha’am,” meaning “one of the people.”

The son of a Jewish tax collector, Ginsberg was born in Kiev and later settled in Odessa, the Jewish center of activist agitation. Here he established in 1889 his Zionist group, “Sons Of Moses.”

Steeped in the works of Nietzsche, it was to the Sons of Moses that Ginsberg delivered his “protocols” for the annihilation of Christian culture and the ascendancy of Jewish nationalism based on Nietzsche’s own nationalistic vision for Germany.

The meetings of this secret society were held in Ginsberg’s house. Among the first members were: Ben Avigdor, Zalman Epstein, Louis Epstein, and Jacob Eisenstaat.

In early 1889, Ginsberg had broken with the more conservative forces of Zionism and moved into a radical position with his pamphlet, “This Is Not The Way.”

The intent of Ginsberg’s pamphlet was to oppose the “politically expedient” views of his former mentor, Leon Pinsker, a leader of the Lovers of Zion movement. Ginsberg wanted to first form a “national consciousness” in diaspora Jewry and the revival of conversational Hebrew prior to using political influence, as Pinsker promoted, for the establishing of a Jewish state.

Differences notwithstanding as regards timing, Pinsker did not differ from Ginsberg in the use of power to achieve their shared Zionist goals. In his book, “Auto-Emancipation,” Pinsker described the master-method to bring about this “self-emancipation” and to “restore the Jewish nation:”

Leon Pinsker: “The struggle to achieve our ends must be entered upon in such a spirit as to exert an irresistible pressure upon international politics.” (View Entire Story HereHereHere & Here.)

A striking similarity to Pinsker’s political programme is found in Protocol No. 1:

From The Protocols“Only force and cunning conquers in political affairs. Therefore we must not stop at bribery, deceit, and treachery for the attainment of our end. In politics one must know how to seize the rule of others if by it we secure submission and sovereignty.” (View Entire Story Here.)

Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Ginsberg’s forceful rhetoric, yet with a novel and direct appeal to fanaticism, also resembled the style of The Protocols when he insisted:

Asher Ginsberg: “Jews must first become consciously, aggressively national.” (View Entire Story Here.)

Ginsberg’s call for an aggressive Jewish nationalism is clearly mirrored in Protocol No. 5:

From The Protocols: “We shall so wear down the Goyim that they will be compelled to offer us an international authority which by its position will enable us to absorb all the governmental forces of the world and thus form a super-government.” (View Entire Story Here.)

It is through persons who lived in Odessa at that time that information was obtained that a manuscript of the “Protocols” in Hebrew was circulated among the Jews.

Later, a Jew by the name of Herman Bernstein, publisher of the “Free Press” of Detroit, while claiming the Protocols to be a forgery, admitted in the presence of William Cameron secretary to Henry Ford, that he had personally read the Protocols in their published Hebrew form in Odessa.

During the Jewish-led Bolshevik Revolution, few towns were so torn as Odessa, where Ginsberg taught the destruction of Christian society, a basic tenet of The Protocols.

Among other outrages such as the raping of Christian women and girls, a Christian orphanage was destroyed and all the children shot to death. Racism and a deadly mockery of non-Jewish life was already an established practice of world Zionism. (View Sources HereHereHere & Here.)



CLASSIFIED US INTELLIGENCE DOCUMENTS investigating international financial issues surrounding WW I were compiled in August 1919. These sensitive documents were given SECRET classification until 1973.

A hard copy of this document may be obtained from US National Archives in Washington DC – its number is 245-1.

On page 5 of the document, the public writings of Theodore Herzl, hailed as the father of world political Zionism, are cited as having “identity of thought found in the Protocols.”

This long-suppressed, finally declassified document, displays striking similarities between Herzl’s essay published in 1897 titled “The Jewish State” and Protocols 1 and 20:

Theodore Herzl: “Every point which arises in the relations between nations is a question of might. I do not here surrender any portion of our prescriptive right when I make this statement.

In the world as it now is and will probably remain, might precedes right. For us to be loyal patriots as were the Huguenots who were forced to emigrate is therefore useless. The Jews must acquire economic power sufficiently great to overcome prejudice against them.

When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, but when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse.” (View Entire Story HereHere & Here.)

From The Protocols: “According to the law of being, might is right. Our right lies in force. Through our financial dominance we will manipulate capital, create depressions, and bankrupt Gentile states.

In our hands is the greatest power of our day — gold. We shall not fail with such wealth to prove that all the evil we have had to commit has served to bringing everything into order.

We shall contrive to prove that we are benefactors who have restored to the mangled earth the true good of the person, on the condition, of course, of strict observance of the laws established by us.” (View Entire Story Here & Here.)


CLOSELY ASSOCIATED WITH THEODORE HERZL, was Max Nordau, who convinced the Zionist leader to organize the First Zionist Congress of 1897.

Nordau was born Simcha Sudfeld in 1849 in Budapest and later changed his name to create a “Gentile” public face. It was at the First Zionist Congress, held in Basel, Switzerland, that Nordau was elected to serve as Vice President to the Presidency of Herzl.

At the Sixth Zionist Congress in 1903, Nordau announced the Zionist plan as a fait accompli for the next two decades:

Max Nordau: “The rungs of our ladder lead upward and upward: The First Zionist Congress – The English Proposition For A Jewish Homeland – The Future World War – The Peace Conference By Which A Jewish Palestine Will Be Created “ (View Entire Story Here.)

Herein are displayed the “rungs” of both the Zionist and Protocols ladder … a preconceived plan to be put into motion by controlling the levers of international politics.

History does not lie. Nor do the words of the Jews who foretold what they would be forging in the century ahead.

And those words have been accurately recorded for us
in perhaps the most deadly and dominating document in history,
now formally known as:
“The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion.”

Protokollen är äkta!

Broder Nathanael till Jeff Rense (i den aktuella jewtubevideon nedan, efter ungefär 5 min):

”It is pages out of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, pages out of the playbook. I have have written a very comprehensive proof that this is no forgery, because you read, turn to any page of the Protocols. No Goy, thats what jews call Gentiles (icke-judar), could have written it! Impossible! Its too many layers of deception and subtleties. No Goy could even think of this devilish stuff. At least (not) at the turn of the twentieth century (1899-1900).”

Jeff Rense : ”You are without question the most unique commentator, observer, authority on whats going on here, because you understand both sides of the fence. No-one else does. Not that I know of.”

Jag håller till fullo med Broder Nathanael här. Ty ingen normalt funtad människa av kvinna född hade varit kapabel att dikta ihop protokollen, speciellt inte runt förra sekelskiftet. Jag behövde bara skumma igenom några kapitel av satansverserna för att inse att satan själv hade skrivet det hela. Protokollen är det mest vedervärdiga som någonsin publicerats, då ondskan som genomsyrar så gott som varje mening saknar motstycke.

Postar nedan hela videon, vilken är ovanlig, då Jeff sällan postar jewtubevideos med Broder Nathanael, något som säkert hänger samman med att Broder Nathanael är utfryst av jewtube sedan ett par år tillbaka. Kommer vidare att posta Broder Nathanaels explosiva artiklar om protokollen längre fram.

Motmedlet mot protokollen är f.ö. Jesus Kristus!!!

The Explanation : Broder Nathanael förklarar läget!

Klicka på länken ovan och lyssna, lär och förstå vad det är som pågår i världen idag i Broder Nathanaels senaste video ”The Explanation” där han förklarar hur och varför en liten grupp ”människor” kontrollerar det mesta vad gäller våra liv här på Jorden idag, något de för övrigt gjort sedan lång, lång tid tillbaka.

Då Broder Nathanael, världens främste auktoritet på allt judiskt, har stoppats på Jewtube så återfinns hans videos numera istället på hans egna websida ”Real Jew News”, en av webbens hetaste och mest hårtslående sajter samt en sajt han drivit sedan 2007 utan avbrott.

Länken till ”The Explanation” igen :

Hoppas Julen har varit fridfull. God fortsättning till er alla på år 2020.


För dem som inte kan nå Broder Nathanaels sida via länken har jag lagt in hela texten till videon nedan:

THE EXPLANATION (+BN Video Special!)

At this very moment, there is a specific group of people who are orchestrating the total destruction of this country and the entire free world.

This group has infiltrated governments, monopolized financial systems, instigated wars, and is deliberately fostering division and chaos in otherwise stable societies.

But if you live in the USA, you might actually hold this group in high regard.

After all, they print the money you use from the Federal Reserve.

And, how could that be bad?

That money isn’t free though, it’s loaned to the government, AT INTEREST, and further contributes to inflation.

The Fed has been operated by Alan Greenspan, Ben Shalom Bernanke, Janet Yellen, and Stanley Fischer…and lately by someone who’s a bit different, Mr Powell.

Some say he’s simply a certain kind of ‘window dressing.’

Then we’ve got this never-ending hostility toward Iran, pushed by the likes of war mongers such as Ben Schapiro, Mark Levin, and Howard Kohr, just to name a few.

It’s pretty obvious we’re fighting wars not for ourselves, but to please some ’special interest group’ that never sends its own to fight.

But even that’s not enough, since each year, no matter how tough things get in our own country, we always send billions of dollars in aid money to their country abroad.

And, how about “impeachment theater” led by Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Elliot Engel?

What do they have in common?

For one, they despise the people’s vote, 60 million of them.

Others hold free speech in contempt.

YouTube’s head, Susan Wojicki, along with Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL and Heidi Beirich of the SPLC—the official flaggers of YouTube and Google—have launched a mass purge of creators, and have shut down discussion comprising alternative views.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is no different when it comes to restraining the discourse.

What about Gun Rights?

As we all know, throughout history, unarmed populations have been subject to tyranny and extermination.

Schumer, Feinstein, Blumenthal, and Bloomberg know this too, and are perpetually hard at work to abolish our Second Amendment.

What about sexual perversion?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein, and even Jeffery Epstein. They’re part of this group too.

It’s not enough for them to go out and do it, but it must be taught in our schools as well.

Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers, and Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League are pushing homosexuality and transgenderism in our public schools to children from kindergarten on up.

Four-year-olds in preschool too.

With all the ‘racism and supremacy scares’ going on these days, strangely, many are actually keen to call them the ‘Chosen People.’

So ‘chosen’ are these people that in some European countries it is actually illegal to challenge the established narration of their touted plights from the past.

In the USA if you want to work for certain state governments you must sign an oath stating you will not boycott the products of their country.

They only make up 1.8% of the US population, but you find their influence everywhere. Almost half of the US Supreme Court belongs to them.

And, They run CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

This group has near unanimous power when dictating the news.

Turn off their spin and put on a movie you say?

Surprise! They make the movies you watch too!

Whether it’s Paramount, Universal, or Disney.

In this fast-paced world it’s easy to miss the signs.

But it’s the explanation you’ve been searching for.

These people push wars, hate our culture, hate our religion, crush free speech, promote perversion to children, work tirelessly to destabilize, polarize, and disarm our nation.

So insidious are their actions that they’ve actually been kicked out of 109 countries!

And the mayhem unfolding in this country is not by chance or happenstance.

There’s a common cord, a shared communal place.

Is it blood, religion, kinship, or race?

Ahh, don’t say the Jew word.

Your reputation, your job, and your life itself, are all at stake.

+BN off the cuff

For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m Brother Nathanael Kapner and I’m a monastic with the Russian Orthodox Church.

I grew up in Judaism and at 21 I embraced Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah and got baptized as a Christian.

In 2007 I decided that I must expose Jewry’s criminality and insidious influence.

I started my Website Real Jew News and shortly afterward began making Videos like this one.

I reached high popularity on YouTube with 160,000 subscribers, and with over 550 Videos, I enjoyed over 60 million hits.

Then YouTube banned me for “hate speech.”

We all know this is a cover for censoring what the gatekeepers don’t want people to hear, namely, facts and truth.

I’ve got plenty of facts and truth at Real Jew News, and more Videos every week.

Come find out what you’ve been missing.

Broder Nathanaels intressanta inlägg

Här kan vi läsa Broder Nathanaels senaste inlägg, How Jews Rule, exklusivt postat på hans hemsida Real Jew News:

How Jews Rule


JEWISH CONTROL starts with the self-awareness of the Jew as superior to the Goy.

Jews have a way of expressing this amongst each other by mocking one of their own who says something stupid as “having a goyisha kup.”

When dealing with the goyisha world around them, (approximately 99.8% of the world population), Jews instinctively bear within their psyche a “Jew vs Gentile” disposition.

And why this distinctiveness that Jews carry within themselves?

It’s because Jews see themselves primarily as a race of which Judaism is attached historically, yet secondarily.

And as a race Jews are bent on ruling over the human species of every stripe and color, whether informed by their Old Testament religion (now invalid due to the extirpation of the temple and priesthood); or by upbringing; or instinctively as a defense mechanism.

Jews are cowards prefering to hide behind Gentile window dressing as observed in their shills at the Department of State—Mike Pompeo–or National Security Advisor—John Bolton.

Like sneaks, they hide their fancy of superiority and their segregating bent of being Jews first, Americans second; Jews apart, Gentiles down the street.


THE JEWS RULE by subterfuge. They must in order to duck the crossfire.
They say they are victims yet by their own criminality victimize thousands of Goys daily.

They pretend to have little influence over political affairs, yet by their countless organizations manipulate hacks on DC and pen legislative drafts pushing a Jewish agenda:

Criminalizing free speech that’s critical of Israel’s apartheid policies; Advancing same-sex unions (to undermine Christian morality); Constructing the framework of US foreign policy to sustain Jewish interests abroad.

Jews also rule by sleight of hand. Every ruse is used by Satan’s brood to make the Goyim feel like lowlife crudes.

Jews arraign the Goys for being racist, yet Israel is based on racial exclusiveness.

Jews accuse the Goys for being anti-Semites for censuring Jewish over-reach, yet Jews stick their noses in every far off place in matters that don’t belong to them.

Whenever Jews—like ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt and Chuckie Schumer—can’t defend the evils of their own they resort to that same old screech, ‘Antisemitism!’


ONLY JEWS CAN DEFINE ‘anti-Semitism’ with its ever-broadening meaning tailored to fit every occasion of outrage against Jewish malfeasance.

The Jewish definition of this ‘disease’ is: “An irrational and inborn hatred of Jews just for being Jews, a virulent disease of the Western mind.”

Israel and its lobbying agents crawling like vermin on Capitol Hill are pushing a new definition of ‘anti-Semitism,’ and Jewish lobby groups like the ADL are licking it up.

It’s the same old brand with a JEWey twist in a Jew-sponsored Bill—The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2018—lobbied by the anti-Palestinian, anti-free speech hateful JEW, Kenneth Marcus—which, by employing an overly-broad political definition of anti-Semitism, implicates criticism of the JEWish State as a crime.

(Marcus was just confirmed as Trump’s Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in the Education Department, a post known more for policing racial bias and sexual violence in schools than refereeing the battles over Israel and Palestinian rights on the nation’s college campuses.)

His trophy Bill aims at criminalizing ‘anti-Semitism’ on campuses misappropriating a State Department guidance for foreign policy for use in domestic civil rights law.

By killing academic discourse, the Bill is designed to shield Israel from censure of its crimes, that if done by other nations, would have the whole world down on their necks.

But the necks of Jews are a precious thing while they strangle the moral life of nations.

Broder Nathanaels förbjudna video!

Broder Nathanaels senaste video stoppades igår av jewtube och kan i skrivande stund blott ses på hans egna videokanal. Jewtube hotar vidare nu att permanent stänga broder Nathanaels officiella jewtubekanal. Så ilskna är nu judarna på allt den fromme kristne munken säger och skriver om deras kriminella aktiviteter världen över. Så här skriver Broder Nathanael om den senaste judiska attacken på honom, hans videos och websida :

YouTUBE BLOCKS Brother Nathanael Account

Shove JEWtube – I Have My OWN Channel!

The Brother Nathanael Channel @

I no longer have some Christ-Killing JEW looking over my shoulder censoring TRUTH. (Jews FEAR Truth.)

Jews will always ‘defend free speech’ until someone effective uses it.

JEWtoob is at war with The TRUTH. What is “Hate Speech”…it’s speech Jews HATE to hear.

JEWtoob is owned, and originally funded by MOSSAD. Like Breitbart, it is a JEW-OWNED and run affair.

This just came to my INBOX:

“Your video has been removed from YouTube

As you may know, our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow – and don’t allow – on YouTube. Your video “Seeds Of America’s Collapse” was flagged for review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines. We’ve removed it from YouTube and assigned a Community Guidelines strike, or temporary penalty, to your account.
Video content restrictions

We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express their points of view, even if unpopular. However, YouTube doesn’t allow hate speech. Sometimes there’s a fine line between what is and isn’t considered hate speech. If you’re not sure whether or not your content crosses the line, we ask that you don’t post it.
Learn more here.

In certain circumstances, YouTube blocks content in order to comply with local laws in certain countries. Please note that no penalty will be applied to your account.

The impact of strikes

This is the second strike applied to your account within three months. As a result, you’re unable to post new content to YouTube for two weeks. If there are no further issues, the ability to upload will be automatically restored after this two-week period.

We understand that users seldom intend to violate our policies. That’s why strikes don’t last forever – this strike will expire in three months. However, it’s important to understand that if you receive three strikes within three months, we’ll terminate your account, rendering it permanently inaccessible.”

I’M FULLY PREPARED with my OWN Video Platform:

The Brother Nathanael Channel @

Please help me PROMOTE my OWN Channel and tell JEWtoob to shove it.

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God Bless Us All! +Brother Nathanael

Se nu den förbjudna videon här (länk till Broder Nathanaels videokanal):

Marine Le Pen : genuin eller ej?

Efter det katastrofala bakslaget med Donald Trump, ”Traitor Trump” som han nu kallas, så har jag frågat mig själv om det ens är någon mening med att stödja Marine Le Pen i det franska presidentvalet? Tog som bekant bort bilden inunder från toppen av bloggen när det stod klart bortom allt tvivel att Trump var en förrädare, lögnare och bandit av enorm magnitud!

Putin Trump le Pen

Broder Nathanael ger oss i senaste videon sin en smula hopp när han förklarar att judarna hatar Len Pen! Men på exakt samma vis var det ju med Trump! Le Pen verkar dock vara en mer genuin människa än den genomkorrumperade och i judarnas smutsiga affärer totalt insyltade Trump. SÅ vem vet kanske är Le Pen en kvinna att hoppas på i detta sedan sekler tillbaka pågående krig mot satan och hans folk här på Jorden?

Broder Nathanaels senaste video

I den 3 minuter korta videon ovan så får vi av Broder Nathanael veta hur judarna tog kontroll över USA och sättet man gjorde så på. Man separerade kyrka och stat och har nu istället en situation där synagoga och stat hänger samman med varandra. I EU är som bekant läget lika illa där Kristus och kyrkan alltmer drivs ut i periferin.